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a cycle
Life is change
Change is life
We change to live,
we live to change.
life is death
death is life
every day,
We experience,
small deaths,small births
Death is  change
Change is  death
birth is change,
death is change,
death is birth
birth is death
a cycle we experience
© Haplo, 2009
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random stuff I have thought of
the cosmos, vast and populated, is a spec of dust, floating in an ocean of possibilities.
the mountain bows before the stream, the steam falls before the cliff,  the cliff stands before the ocean.
the torrent of energy, tunneling a path through space, a life being lived or a foundation for one being placed?
a spore is spit out, its  faith in the wind, it will eventually land. Don't be the spore, be the wind.
i stand before the storm, I will not falter, i bare the pain of the fire, It will end, one day. The pain is but temporary, a sign that the healing has begun.
crafted out of  gold, a precious metal. Yet over valued, for the amount of blood spilled over it, are not worth it's weight nor its luster.  
cold and hot, black and white, extreme ends of the spectrum or shades of grey in the same scale ?
the human animal is the strangest one yet. It thinks it is better and proves it is not.
the songs of life, best tell the tail, of love and sorrow. s
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I breath in,
I breath out,
I keep trying to figure out
In my dreams
I can see
the limitations of my reality
Is this it?
I am I real?
Or the dream that was not meant to be,
I was born
I will die
the only things which I can rely.
I breath in
I breath out
I hope to one day figure out
© Haplo, 2008
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tick tock
tick tock - poem
Tick tock goes the clock,
time marches on,
my soul dims,
its spark lost,
I want to move on,
the others protest,
a prison of convenience,
they force my existence,
my soul cries,
a subtle cry,
the others don't listen,
their shells dominate,
they cling on to existence,
little do they know,
Tick tock sings the clock
© Haplo, 2008
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A day like any other day
A day like any other day -poem
Today like yesterday,
A day just like any other day,
I feel my life slipping away,
People say it will be a better day,
When tomorrow comes my way,
Hope is just twenty four hours away,
However tomorrow is another day,
Just like today,
Unlike what the people say,
It always seems that way,
I sit down and pray,
That tomorrow will be a different day,
Not like today or yesterday,
To my own dismay,
The cycle that life wishes to portray,
Tomorrow becomes today,
Today is like yesterday
© Ali Tavakoly, 2008
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Ali tavakoly
United States
I am a dreamer! A big thanks to Jannah for taking the pics!
I am refreshing myself on coloring and trying to improve! Wish me luck!


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